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 ...providing off-site transcription services and office support
to businesses and organizations.

Want to discover how businesses and individuals are saving huge amounts of money each year?

If so you've taken the first step by visiting my website.

E-ssistance is a virtual assistance company specializing in transcription services.  E-ssistance is owned and operated by Jema Watts. 

Virtual assistance is a fairly new concept in the business world but it's a very quick, easy, economical and secure way for you to outsource one-time projects or establish long-term business relationships.  You decide how much you want to utilize me as your virtual assistant.  I work independently with companies and individuals to handle their transcription needs and administrative tasks so they can focus on growing their businesses.

ho needs a virtual assistant?

Anyone who is a current business owner can use a virtual assistant.  I provide numerous tasks for various companies and organizations across the United States.  Some of my current clients utilize my services when their secretary is on vacation, do not have a need for a full-time assistant but could use a helping hand on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or those one-time special projects that you just can't seem to get completed.  Whatever the case may be I'm here to help. 

Do I have a niche market?

Yes.  Transcriptions is my niche market.  Do you have teleconferences that you would like to share with your members/attendees or do you present seminars that you would like to make into a moneymaking product fast and painless?  Transcriptions are a way to instantly create a product.  I also offer data entry services, mailing list creation and management, mailing services, research and word processing. 

What are the benefits?  

·         Eliminates the headache of handling office tasks; giving you more time to concentrate on your     


·         Excellent customer service.

·         Quick turnaround of "rush" assignments.

·         Available to work after hours.

·         No Social Security benefits to pay.

·         No withholding taxes.

·         No insurance benefits.

·         No office space required.

·         No office equipment required.

·         No training.

·         Tax deductible.

·        More free time to GROW your business or just relax!

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